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The information below can yelp you plan for your time at the lodge. There is also information to hlp you get a sporftishing license prior to your arrival. Our special efforst to customisze your vacation truly distinguishes our Alaskan adventure from others.

Currently, Alaska Airlines is the main airline serving Juneau. However, Delta also provides limited daily service. Connecting flights for both airlines are made in Seattle. As soon as possible, we ask our guests to email us a copy of their airline itinerary. When booking your flight, please remember to arrive in Juneau the day before your first day at the lodge and depart from Juneau the day following your lodge departure.

What to Bring:

Summer temperatures range between 50 to 70º Fahrenheit. We suggest you only bring a carry-on-bag and keep your belongings to 40 pounds or less. That way, your fish box can go home as checked luggage.

  • warm layered clothing
  • wool socks
  • hat and/or beanie
  • light weight gloves
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen


Juneau International is a small, friendly and an “easy to get around” airport. Upon arrival, call your motel and they will send a van to pick you up. We keep our lodge van at Ward Air and it is sometimes available for your use if you have time between arrival and your floatplane departure. Typically, the Ward Air floatplane will depart Juneau around 8:00am the day your fishing trip begins. Your flight to Excursion Inlet is approximately 20 minutes and you should enjoy some spectacular scenery along the way. Most guests arrive in Juneau a day early so they can explore the state’s capital city and surround areas. There is a lot to see and do.


Upon arrival in Excursion Inlet, our staff will be waiting dockside to greet and assist you with your luggage. Right away, we will have an informal orientation where we will introduce our staff and discuss the lodge’s special features and services. This also gives us an opportunity to disuss fishing and is a good time to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to inform us of anything we can do to make you a bit more comfortable. After a brief orientation, you will get equipped and head out on the water.

Lodge Facilities

The lodge is right on the beach, where we have a panoramic view of Excursion inlet and Glacier Bay National Forest. You will enjoy our leisure deck and, in the evening, you can fish for Salmon and Dolly Varden Trout from our dock.

  • Kitchen
  • TV lounge area
  • A great room
  • Dining room
  • Three guest bedrooms
  • Private showers
  • upstairs and downstairs bunk room.

The staff stays in a bunk house in a separate building near the main lodge. Each bunk room accommodates two adults and the bedrooms has beds for three, plus a loft.

Activities at the lodge

  • Skeet shooting (equipment provided)
  • Horseshoes
  • Card and board games
  • Flat screen TV with DVD player, and DVDs

Gift Shops

In addition to special fishing lures and other fishing equipment, Alaskan Bear Lodge as T-shirt, sweatshirts, hats, and miscellaneous items available to purchase. Other gift items are available at the Excursion Inlet general store and in several gift shops across Icy Strait in Hoonah. Juneau also provides plenty of gift shops and a large selection of items.


BYOB. The lodge provides bottled water for your enjoyment. However, we encourage bringing your own personal water bottle.

Fishing Schedule

Your first full day of fishing starts the day you arrive. Through the week, there is no need to rise at the crack of dawn, since there are plenty of fish out there. Besides, the crack of dawn occurs at 3:00am in the Summer!

Each day we consider our guest’s desires in conjunction with the weather and tides. We will show you the best places to fish and explore. We provide choices for hearty sack lunch, including treats that you can take onboard the boats. We do all we can to insure you will enjoy each day of fishing and wildlife viewing!

The fishing day ends at about 5:30pm This allows you time to freshen up and swap a few fish stories prior to dinner which is served at 7:00pm

Lodge Staff

Neal & Brenda Dastrup (Owners) are assisted by two to three dock hands and two domestic aids. Our staff is professional, courteous, and very personable. Each employee has the desire and experience to assure you a quality sportfishing vacation.


While tipping is at the discretion of each guest, we are often asked “What is an appropriate amount?” Over time , ew wave observed that about 7% of the trip fee ($250 per guest) is the average. The tips are divided evenly between  our dock and domestic staff.

Water Conditions

Saltwater fishing is excellent in and around several nearby protected bays and inlets. The Inside Passage water conditions are usually calm and stable, with an occasional light chop during the season. If desired, we can also fish nearby streams. Fly fishing is also possible in the nearby streams. (Bring your own equipment if you want to fly fish.)

Fishing Information

You will fish for salmon, halibut and lingcod aboard our safe and comfortable boats. Our Stabicraft vessels are well equipped with safety equipment; a VHF radio, GPS, and fish finders. Quality fishing gear is provided and includes rods, reels, bait, tackle, lures and wet gear. If you prefer, feel free to bring along your personal rod & reel.

Sportfishing Methods

We have accumulated knowledge while fishing in and around the Icy Strait over the past decade and can help you plan your fishing strategies on a day to day basis. We have found that trolling is the most effective method for catching salmon while mooching and drift fishing with bate is best for halibut and bottom fishing. Whether you are experienced or a novice fisherman, you will love the challenge and adventure.

Your Catch

Usually you will catch plenty of fish to take home. There are no guarantees, but it’s customary to leave Alaska with a 50-pound box of filleted and frozen fish per guest. Your harvest often includes a mixture of salmon, halibut, lingcod and usually an assortment of rockfish. (Additional boxes incur a small processing charge.) Most motels provide a walk-in freezer at the airport, if overnight storage is needed. (Be sure to ask when booking your lodging.) Fish boxes can travel with you as checked baggage from Juneau to your destination, when you depart for home.

Your Fishing License

The information needed to obtain your sportfishing license is the similar to that listed on your driver’s license. Some guests pick up their fishing license in Juneau. However, we suggest getting it in advance online.

Just go to

  1. Click Licenses & Permits
  2. Click Sport Fishing
  3. Click buy your license online
  4. Follow through with purchase process

Follow the simple instructions and be sure to get a license that will cover you on the days you are at the lodge. I always print a couple copies of the license, just in case one gets lost. In 2020, the 7-day license is $70 (Add $45 for a King Stamp.)

Alaska Airlines

When you apply for a new Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card and are approved you get 30,000 bonus miles. Apply Today and get a sresponse in as few as 60 seconds. You can start earning miles today, as well as begin to qulify for their special companion fare rewards.

Benefits of the Visa Signature® card

  • 30,000 bonus miles upon approval
  • Extra bonus miles on additional purchases. (please allow 2-3 weeks for bonus miles to post to your Alask Airlines Milage Plan™ account. You will need to use the card for charges of $1,000 or more before qualifying to use the miles.)

Salmon University

This is an excellent website resource to learn saltwater fishing skills and techniques. Go to the site and open up some of the tutorials on salmon and halibut fishing.  (One tab that really helps is Halibut & Bottom Fish, Salmon, and the How To section.)

The articles are well written by professional fishermen. (Insignificant post script: my boys and I are all bonafide Salmon University graduates… for what that’s worth.)